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The long-term risk of 17-alkylated steroids including benign hepatic adenomata, hepatocellular focal nodular hyperplasia, peliosis hepatis and hepatic carcinoma , should be considered when danazol, which is chemically related to these compounds, is used for periods longer than those normally recommended.

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Vero-danazol capsules should not be administered to patients with .

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For example, the different dosages of three currently used preparations, testosterone undecanoate restandol , mesterolone pro-viron and implants of pure crystalline testosterone when applied with and without danazol are described in the clinical study.

This suppression is probably a combination of depressed hypothalamic-pituitary response to lowered estrogen production, the alteration of sex steroid metabolism, and interaction of vero-danazol with sex hormone receptors.

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